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In 2017 after some encouragement from friends and my husband, I decided to take the step and open an ETSY shop to try and sell some of the items that can be used by stitchers.  The items that are currently listed on the ETSY shop are things that a cross-stitcher could use, in colour schemes that I haven't seen common elsewhere.
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Here are some samples of the items and an explanation of what some of them are used for so if you know a crafter that does cross-stitch you now have an idea for a gift for them. Of course, to see what is currently available check out the ETSY site.

Project EnvelopeGrime GuardThread/Ort Catcher
Available sizes are either approx 14"x13" or 19"x13"Available to fit either a 11"x11" or a 11"x17" q-snap

Project envelopes - these are fabric cases that can be used to store your cross-stitch in while you are working on it.  These envelopes are made so that the in progress project can be inserted into the envelope, without having to take the project off the q-snap or frame each time that you put the project away or move it from location to location. The envelope can also hold your pattern and some of your floss for the project..

Grime guards - these are items that go around the q-snap to cover the edges of your fabric, to help in keeping it clean so that the oil and dirt from your hands are not transferred onto the fabric when you are stitching. The grime guard can also be used to assist in managing/holding the excess fabric that you require for some of the larger projects.

Thread/ort catcher - this is a small case that can be used to put all those little pieces of thread that are left over when you have finished stitching with a thread and you are going to throw the thread away or save it. The thread catcher can be easily flatten and put into the project envelope so that no matter where you are you have a spot that you can collect your loose ends.  Some crafters keep their left over bits of threads through a calendar year to see all the different colours that they have used.  It is a fun way to see the different colours you used as well as a way to remember some of the projects that were worked on.

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