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Craft Results

What I did was a bit of an analysis to see what I could accomplish if I was able to craft a minimum of 35 hours a week.  I do love playing with performing analysis so of course I had to combine it with my crafting and here is a little example of what I came up with.

I am very lucky because I am able to crochet at a pretty good speed so that means that when I have a little bit of time to crochet I can get things done pretty quickly.  People have asked how long it takes me to make some of the things that I do so I decided to figure it out and show the results.

Baby hats:
Preemie hats Newborn Large baby hats
Per week 93 54 36
Per day 18.6 10.8 7.2
Per hour 2.66 1.5 1
If I was able to crochet 35 hours a week I would be able to keep quite a few hospitals supplied with baby hats but I don't have that much time to crochet.

Baby afghans
To complete one afghan 26 hours
This is making an afghan approximately 32” x 42” in size and doing the v-stitch pattern that I don't need a pattern for.

Cross-stitch patterns
If I was able to cross-stitch more than I currently do I would have had a minimum of 12 patterns designed, stitched and released this year instead of the 1 that I was able to release. It is difficult to find the time to do all the stitching that I would like to do and I know that with all the patterns that I currently have designed it may be a while before I get all of them into the form of being released but at least I continue to work on designing and stitching.

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