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Lap Throws - Lapghans

"Lap Throw" - a small blanket just the right size for the lap and legs of someone in a wheel-chair or a chair. The size of a lap throw is 36" x 42".
I have been working on these throws for the last few months and completed three of them myself and have decided to share my patterns with you. I have completed three different patterns all using 5.5mm crochet hooks with worsted weight yarn and will try to show you each of these.
  1. Granny Squares. - 3 rounds - 3 colours per square. 168 squares required.
  2. Beige Rectangle - 42 rounds one colour.
  3. Granny Squares. - 4 rounds - 1 colour per square. 99 squares required.
  4. Sudoku pattern - 2 founds - 9 colours and 9 square per colour.  Used a sudoku puzzle to plan the layout.

The lap throws can be either knit or crocheted and the choice is up to you. I use worsted weight yarn and require approx 700 grams per throw.
These are the firs tlap throws that I did and I will continue to update this page or my project page with the new additions and will also provide the patterns to anyone that e-mails requesting the information.
 lap1lap2lap3Sudoku lapghan

I have found a place that you can get yarn at a discount price and considering all the knitting and crocheting that I do it's nice not having to pay retail.Sew n Knit.  I know that I don't need to buy any yarn for a while as I do have quite a stash but it's always nice to know where there places are.

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